Being like Jo

This is about hot tea and being sick.

Brent and I have Captain Trips-level colds. I got the sickness first and as I spent the week hacking and shivering and chugging Dayquil and wondering if it was time to look up pneumonia on WebMD, Brent was all, “I feel great! I’ve got the tiniest little sore throat, but I can barely feel it! Gee, Sarah, if we’ve got the same bug, your immune system must really be shot!”

Three days later, Brent was as sick as me. I guess his immune system is not as peppy as he thought, eh? That is where we are at right now. Coughing, sniffling, bedridden. Brent’s voice is so raspy, he sounds like Christian Bale’s Batman, if Christian Bale’s Batman said things like, “Agh, my nose is bleeding!” Or, “Do you think Ebby is eating rabbit turds out back?”

One good thing has come out of all the nose-blowings, and that is my tea drinking habits. I have become a hot tea drinker. Hot drinks are the only things that feel good on my throat. Everything else – including air – feels like I’m inhaling glass. Drinking tea, being a tea drinker, having tea time – it is very exciting. I feel like I should buy a tea set. When people come over to my house, instead of saying, “Would you like some water or Crystal Light that I will have to make if you want it?” I can say, “Come, to the parlour where we shall have tea time.”

It all reminds me of how I felt, at the age of 8, when my parents bought me my very first pair of high top sneakers. That first evening I owned them, I never took them outside but instead pranced around the house, going from one full length mirror to the next, striking sassy foot poses. Even though my shoes were from Walmart, my attitude was pure British Knight.

The TV was on in the background and the show playing was The Facts of Life. It was the one where they all go to Paris, which might have been a made-for-TV movie. I was normally a huge Facts fan, but found this Paris business much less compelling than my new shoes. So I was doing my high top catwalking through the house and happened to pass by the TV as a shot of Jo’s shoes filled the screen. Jo’s high tops that bore a striking resemblance to my own, that is. I stopped cold, paralyzed by the wonder of it all. I was wearing shoes that looked like those of blessed Jo, my Facts of Life favorite. In that moment, those high tops became more than cool. They were like sacred cool and  whenever I wore them, I felt so proud, so sophisticated, so Jo.

It’s not often that something I do makes me feel like Jo from Facts of Life, and that’s where I’m getting at with this whole tea thing. Not that Jo is a tea drinker. This is an extremely loose analogy, I know. But Jo was a badass, in her way.* And drinking tea makes me feel like a badass, in my way. It calms me, quiets me down. It feels good on my throat, in a way that Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, my usual go-to beverage does not. I feel like I’m doing a kindness toward myself by sitting down with a cup of tea. It makes me think that I should pursue things that make me feel like a badass more often.

So now I’m going to make a list of such things and when I’m done being sick, I will tackle it all.

4 Comments on Being like Jo

  1. Rita
    December 16, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    You are hands down the best bad ass tra drinking daughter-in-law in the universe! Can’t wait to have some tea with you. Get better soon, Christmas is coming!

    • Sarah
      December 20, 2013 at 7:59 am

      Coincidentally, YOU are the best mother in law in the world! How ever did we find each other? Oh yeah, that guy Brent brought us together :) Next time you come over I will make you some delicious hot tea and we’ll speak with British accents while Mertle bites you. Love you!

  2. Haley
    December 16, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    What is with Christian Bale’s batman voice anyways!!?? It is so damn stupid. Especially when he freaks out on someone and gets really serious.. he actually WHISPER Yells… I would love to listen to Christian Bale batman and Alec Baldwin ohh! and Will Arnett have a whisper yelling fight! It would be amazing.

    Jo.. and her bad ass high tops. You know, high tops have returned.. You could always return to your adolescent kicks!

    But don’t get me wrong- Brent having the whisper yell is a plus with this cold.. You have to get something out of this awful bug! AND just think- it will be gone by the time Christmas comes around! Good timing, really.

    • Sarah
      December 20, 2013 at 7:56 am

      Just thinking about Christian Bale’s Batman voice hurts my throat! I get that he wanted to make Batman his own or whatever, but come on. I too would like to see this showdown of gravelly voiced men. So awesome. I would also like it if, when I get upset, my voice when to a lower register, rather than what it actually does, which is get higher and even more nasally. And my “ums” and other stutters become more pronounced. To be articulate…that would be nice :)

      Yeah, it’s crazy that high tops have returned! I have contemplated getting some but I don’t know, I might be past my high top years.

      Thanks for giving me the brightside to all this sickness crap…it really is good to get it out of the way now, so that I can party down next week! Being sick on Christmas would be simply awful.


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